Since Marcia, Kate, Kenzie, and I usually don’t have weekends to rest, we were so excited when we had 3-days to experience Cebu. Even though it was a very last-minute plan it turned out amazing.

Sorry for the blurry picture

We started the trip off at the beach and let’s just say there was an unexpected turn of events. Ate Jave, who lives in Cebu, recommended Climaco Beach but when we arrived, we found out that the place was rented out, so we had to look for a new beach to relax in. We then found out about Happy Beach which was about 20 minutes away and from what we saw online it looked amazing and colorful. We honestly weren’t sure if we went to the right place at first because there was a drop-off location outside the beach and was kind of in the middle of nowhere. I honestly thought we were going to get scammed, again. At night we were able to watch their fire dance show which was cool and scary. I thought the girls would burn their hair off because one had a flaming hula hoop around her neck! It was nice experience and I was able to relax but I wouldn’t want to go again.

              Sunday was honestly the best day in Cebu. We started the day with snorkeling at Pescador Island and I did not want to leave. The water was so clear, and we were able to see so many vibrant fishes. Our guide also swam down to get a starfish and we were all able to hold it (sadly I don’t have a picture of me holding it). And when we tried to take pictures in the water, but they ended up blurry. After Pescador Island, we were able to swim with the school of sardines. I tried to catch one, but they were too fast. There were so many in the water and wanted to be in the middle of them but sadly they all swam away from me. Our last stop on the boat was the sea turtles!!! Since the water was so shallow, the sea turtles were so close to us. After 10 minutes more people showed up and I felt so bad for the turtles because they were trying to live their lives and eat but the humans were trying to record them up close and touch them. After snorkeling was our canyoneering experience and I was so scared because of the cliffs we had to jump off (the tallest was ~50 ft). Canyoneering is a type of water adventure where you explore the canyon by climbing, swimming, and jumping off waterfalls/cliffs. There were also areas where we could swing on a rope and go down waterslides.  Canyoneering felt like I was on Mount Pulag again, but it was the shorter water edition. The course took about 4 hours total and luckily it was just a one-way route, so we didn’t have to travel back. I wish I can go back and rent or purchase a GoPro because it was something I don’t want to forget!

Our final day in Cebu consisted of a city tour thanks to Ate Jave and her brother. Without them we would not know where to start or where to go, so we were really thankful for their itinerary. We started the day off with breakfast at Yolk and the egg benedict was delicious! All the places we visited was breath taking and beautiful. After breakfast we first traveled to the Taoist Temple, which is very similar to Buddhist temples I have seen back at the states. There was a praying room (open to the public) and in the praying room there was a candle to light the incenses, 2 wooden blocks to determine if someone’s wish will be granted, pillows on the ground to kneel on, etc. (sadly we couldn’t take pictures of the inside). After the Taoist Temple we headed to the Temple of Leah which was inspired by the Greek Gods. In my opinion, it was not really something I expected to be in the Philippines, but I’m glad it was there. When we were at the Temple of Leah there were these 2 little kids that had a Harry Potter themed photo shoot and I honestly almost cried because Marcia, Kate, and I had our own Harry Potter book club. After the Temple of Leah, we headed off to Sirao Garden, AKA Mini Amsterdam. I think this was the best place we visited because we were able to take so many nice pictures and it had just reminded me of my mom (who loves flowers). Our final stop of the Cebu City tour was Basilica Del Sto. Nino and Magellan’s Cross.

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