Week 2-3: Field Work

Sorry for not posting in 2 weeks, I haven’t had enough service while in the field.

After a 5 hour bus ride we arrived to Baguio and I was so glad when we got out of the bus because it was so much cooler than Metro Manila! We also met the wonderful Ma’am Juliet Julia, who is the team coordinator. She took us around Baguio City before taking us to our hotel. We visited Burnham Park and went to their Christmas tree statue. After resting at the hotel and getting situated, we met the team leaders and got to know more about their culture, areas we should visit, and what to expect in the field.

We finally traveled to the barangays (field work), but it was 3 hours away from our hotel. When we had a rest stop for lunch, Kate and I had balut because everyone keeps telling us about it. I’ve had balut before so it’s no big deal and I felt like the egg wasn’t as developed. When we went to our barangay, I was not prepared for all of the bugs (mosquito and ant bites) that somehow love me more than Kate, but I will have to get used to it. The bathrooms (comfort room= CR) was also not what I was expecting because we would have to pour water for it to “flush” down.

Since the team started collecting data before our arrival there was not a lot to observe at our first barangay. I have been observing the researchers and scared to actually do the work because I don’t want to mess up the data. During field work, the researchers collect data on: demographics, blood pressure, waist:hip circumference, height, weight, blood sample (anemia, hemoglobin level,etc), and urinalysis. After a couple days we traveled to another barangay located in Kabayan. And our first job was to locate the households which ranges from 10-30 depending on how big the barangay is. When we locate the houses we would ask for their permission to participate in the survey then obtain their demographics: names, birthdays, appliances in their household, what their house is made of. Sometimes they would also ask for a 24 hour recall of foods/liquids they ate/drank and how much was consumed. When we visit a new barangay or municipality we also have a courtesy call, where we meet the barangay captain, who is in charge.

Stay tuned to my next blog post about Mt. Pulag and other tourist areas we visited.

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